Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello, Dog-Bloggers!

Dear Students,

It is my great hope you will all get inspired by my dog training blog and start one of your own! I am so happy to see Sky has a blog, and hope everyone checks it out. Sky is one of my advanced training dogs, and his people, Barb and Ken, are model students with lots of helpful advice and great examples of my training in application and practice.

Some of the new beginners are taking me seriously regarding their dog school "homework," and their blogs are finding their way to me, as well. I'll be linking them via the blog roll (over on the right side of this page) as I receive them.

I hope you all comment and give lots of positive reinforcement to your fellow (human) dog training classmates. Let me know if you'd like some help making a dog training blog of your own!


PS--I hope to see you all at class Wednesday. Please note: the time has been changed from 7:00-8:30 to 6:30-8:00. Sorry for any inconvenience.

1 comment:

  1. Well I am not sure if I am blogging in the right spot!!!! haha
    I got home an hour ago from my puppy 101 class and i was very eagar to teach my Charlie "lay down". And WOW let me tell you he did it in less than a minute. I moved to 2 other spots in the house and he did it again!!!! Very impressed and because of Peggy my puppy will learn and be safe ;) thanks peggy I have cofidence that this will be a grest learning week!!!!