Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Good News :) ... And the Terribly Sad News :(

     Okay, so, first the good news: Tiger Lily has made a full recovery, and is doing GREAT! All of her sores have healed, she has gained lots of weight, and she seems no worse for wear and tear. I'd never seen a sicker dog, ever, so it is really amazing that she pulled through. Thanks to everyone who was rooting for her--especially Dr. Lynn!--supplier of IV fluids, medicines, and TONS of bandages; and what a great suggestion, to use honey wraps to debride her injuries! I don't have a photo handy, but I'll find one and edit this post so you can see the difference.

      And now, the sad, sad, really bad news: My horse, Fancy, had to be put down early Saturday AM, after an eight-hour fight to save her life in response to a bout of colic. She had a total bowel obstruction, was in a ton of pain, and began to bloat and develop toxemia. My vet gently informed me there was nothing else to be done, so while I petted her and told her goodbye, the vet administered a lethal injection of barbiturates. This is similar to putting a dog to sleep, but--and I wasn't expecting this--a lot more (horrifyingly) dramatic. I take comfort in the knowledge she is not in pain now, and that, though her life was cut short (she was 12, and the average horse life expectancy is more like 25-30,) she had a great life enjoying her pasture and hanging with her best friend, my daughter's horse, Phoenix. I've had Fancy since she was a yearling; Monica and Stephanie (with Dave's help) bought her for me as the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!

     I had really looked forward to bringing her home to our new property one of these days, but such is life. Here is a video of Fancy in happier days, with her sister, Phoenix. They were both really muddy (evidence of a good horse life full of fresh air and freedom :) from playing outside at the farm in Marseilles, where I've been boarding them. Also, you won't be able to help noticing me speaking my version of horse baby-talk to them. Yeah, I do that ;)