Monday, August 27, 2012

Teacher's Pet!

Mike K. is super-student of the week! He is rising above--literally, on this ladder, and figuratively, as he goes beyond the call of dog training to provide his skilled services helping us put new lighting in our garage!

Thanks, Mike! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to (Dog) School!

Attention Students: I am updating this post to ask each of you to update your pet's health records for my files. You can get the veterinary history form here: Veterinary History Form. Thanks for helping me keep everyone healthy!

Yes, we are all clear and its time for your dogs to pack their school bags, gather their lunch boxes, and get ready to bone up on their training skills! Classes resume Sunday 8/26. See you soon--unless your dog is sick, in which case please stay home!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Road to Recovery

Okay, so far so good, but for the sake of precaution and the protection of pet health, I am seeing the quarantine through next Saturday. That will put us at 14 days with only our dogs on premises. As of now, we are at 10 days without a sign of diarrhea here at my place, but there have been a couple of reports of dogs who had been boarded who went home and then developed diarrhea (the last dog went home a week ago Saturday.) I think any dog who has been symptomatic should stay away (sorry!) until they have been producing solid poop for a week and have a negative fecal on the re-check. 

Meanwhile, dog summer vacation is extended, but I am doing private lessons off-site, either up at Starbucks or in-home. If you are feeling antsy about keeping up with training, feel free to give me a call to get a one-on-one lesson scheduled. 

Sunday advanced class, we will meet up at Starbucks tomorrow AM, weather permitting (and provided your dogs are SUPER healthy!!) Check my news in the AM, or give me a call on my cell: 630-888-8934. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Important Notice! Class Cancellations!

Hi Guys,

First, the  bad news; we have a dog diarrhea problem in my kennel. UGH!

Because these things can spread like wildfire, and because I do not want to be the Typhoid Mary of dog stomach flu, I am shutting down all dog comings and goings for at least a week. I'm going to have to cancel all lessons and classes until I am certain none of my dogs get sick. Sorry in advance if any of yours do (like Steve, who was here playing today...sorry!!) 

My hope is this will not spread and will be resolved quickly; meanwhile, in good conscience, I don't want you to bring your dogs and risk exposing them. I will keep you all posted. I suggest keeping away from dog parks; that is probably where this originated in my client's dog. Yuck.

Now for the good news; despite having some health problems (unrelated to the one mentioned above,) my dog Blue has once again rallied and is doing much better. Now let's just hope he doesn't catch this stomach bug! 

Please let me know right away if any of your dogs get sick. Stock up on rice, chicken, kaopectate, pedialyte, canned (plain) pumpkin, and plan to call your vet for metronidazole (antibiotic) in the event it does happen.

Again, my apologies in advance. Despite our best efforts to be sure dogs are all healthy when they come here, and despite our diligence with disinfecting, sometimes dogs have something brewing that hasn't become symptomatic at the time of their visit. I guess this is one of those times :(


Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Good Old Dog, Blue

Blue is almost 14 and hasn't been feeling so good. Here is a recent video of him when he was feeling better: