Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dog Improvement Dog Training: Ankle Biting Chihuahuas!

What gets my goat? The County Fair!

Not Such a Ba-a-a-a-a-d Day!

Hello fellow dog-bloggers! I hope you are all practicing training and enjoying an improving relationship with your pets. We had a busy Sunday, here at my dog school, as usual. Puppy play class was exceptionally fun, and all of the dogs were well mannered while enjoying playtime and socialization with both pets and people. I was really pleased to observe how cooperative you all are, and I think your good attitudes are rubbing off on your pets!

Anyway, after my long day working with pets and their people, we headed off to the DuPage County Fair. Today was the last day and I was eager to see...what else?--the animals! Actually, I fell in love at the fair, with some...

GOATS!  They were so sweet, friendly, and dignified (yes, goats can be dignified!) They were a breed that used to be known as Alpine Goats, but are now referred to as Oberhasli Goats. They are very cool and pretty! I hope to have a nanny goat one day, and this is the type I'll get. No worries--this won't happen until we live out at our new property, probably not for another couple of years; but still, I can daydream! The goats and I bonded pretty hard, and I spent more time in the goat barn than the rest of my family and Gisela may have enjoyed. (Sorry!) They were just so snugly and affectionate...  :)

Here are some pictures of my new favorite goat breed:

Aren't they cute and pretty?? Even if you are not so enamored, I'll bet in no time you'll be placing orders with me for goat cheese... :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New homework assignment for ALL of you :)

Dear Fellow Dog Training Bloggers,

Please update your blog if you have not posted within the last week. Also, please be sure to "follow" your fellow bloggers, and to offer comments or feedback to some of them! Let's get this party started!


Your Dog Trainer,