Saturday, September 13, 2014

Now Accepting Dog Boarding School Reservations for the Holidays!

With my kennel building adventure coming to a conclusion (at last!), we will soon be ready to accept happy campers for boarding and training services.

We will have seven indoor/outdoor suites, and also a private bedroom suite attached to my office for tiny dogs and those with special care needs. In order to offer the ultimate in personalized attention to your dog, we will only accept a total of eight campers at any given time.

I thought it might be a good idea to offer the opportunity for anyone with holiday, vacation, business trip, or other travel plans to make early reservations, since we are operating on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you know your dates, let me know! I am already booking well into next year, but plenty of spaces are still available.

As for rates, we charge $72.00/ day ($500.00/ week), for full service care, play, cuddles, and customized one-on-one training. We offer a round-trip chauffeuring service, and also offer follow-up in-home training. We charge $60.00/ day ($420.00/ week) for a second dog coming for the same dates. If you send three or more dogs all at the same time, the second dog rate applies to the rest of them, as well. Sorry I cannot give a better break, but it is a lot of work (and I'm charging less than I charge for a one hour private lesson to give your dog 24 hours of my dedicated care and attention).

If you need routine boarding without training, our rate is $48.00/ day/ dog regardless of the number of dogs you send. Your dog will still get lots of love, attention, and playtime, just no individualized training.

You are welcome to come out for a visit anytime. Just give me a call to make sure I'll be available when you plan to come.

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