Monday, April 21, 2014

Countdown to Dog School Moving Day!

Big changes are coming, and preparations are keeping me very busy. Most of you know I am living in Manteno part time, switching off with Dave who stays in Lemont while I am at our farm. Once our new kennels are built, we will hopefully sell our Lemont home and live out here full time. In order to continue to offer my training services in the Chicago suburban area, on May first I am moving my training business into a storefront in Bolingbrook on Boughton Road, subletting space from a dog grooming boutique called Bella's.

Despite the excitement about new opportunities, I'm feeling a little nervous about the whole thing. I am not used to sharing space. It will be weird, and will take some getting used to!

And despite our Lemont house being a "knock down/ handyman special", I am going to miss the familiarity of the old place and especially the ease of walking from bed to work. Luckily life on our little farm is so wonderful I won't spend much time looking back.

As part of all of my planning, I've been designing and ordering signs for the store; but I have not been sure how to decorate inside. I can't get too creative, because I have to stay within the style boundaries of my new host, the owner of Bella's. The place has a sort of upscale boutique feel (yeah, that sounds like me...not even a little!).

I had the thought it would be nice to feature photos of my students' dogs. I'd want all the pictures to match in some manner, and I was thinking about those photos on canvas, that wrap around a base so they don't need a frame. If any of you want to donate an image of your dogs, past or present, to our decor, feel free to create a canvas photo of your dog, any size, which I will proudly display. If you do so, please be sure to use a high-quality image so it maintains its resolution, and I'd prefer portrait style photos. You can get these things made at either Walgreens or Walmart, and there are also some discount companies online. Don't feel obligated, but if you want to do it I'd love to feature some of my star students on the walls!

See you soon at our Grand Opening; stay tuned for more details :)


  1. When you have a picture of your dog, you need to leave a lot of space around the border for the wrap around. I have a beautiful picture of Teddy with her one ear standing up, but when I tried to print it on canvas, all I got was her eyes and a big nose. So I will have to photoshop it to get a big border for wrapping around.

  2. Ordered a canvas with Autumn's picture today!