Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oodles of...POODLES!!

So, after the wolf-dog didn't work out, guess what I stumbled upon? A bouncing pair of five month old standard poodle puppy brothers who needed a family! We had such a great experience with our first standard poodle, Fifi, I had a feeling we should at least go visit and check them out. They are are very bonded to one another and Dave and I didn't have the heart to break them up, so...we took both! They are a joyful addition to our family, and all of the other pets and people love them dearly already. I have named then Jean Claude and Philippe and they are sweet, smart, loving, playful, and PERFECT! I can't wait for you to meet them :)


  1. Aaaaawww, they are beautiful.

  2. I cannot wait to meet them!

  3. They look just great! Congratulations.

    Kevin's tenant next door just got the teeniest puppy I've ever seen. Part dachsund, part Yorky and something else. You remember my galumphing Lab, Peggy Dog, and Kevin's killer English pointer, Benny, don't you? Any advice on introducing them to their new neighbor? For sure it won't happen for another month or two until this 8-wk. old puppy gains a few pounds.

    Aunt Pat

  4. I think with my hair coloring and style that I will fit nicely on the bed. I will wait for an invite. However, they are still puppies.....not my favorite things...