Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Evil Beavers!

Sure, they look innocent enough:

But the dead stumps from 20 dead baby oak trees out on our new property tell a different story! Today we fought back. First Mark and Monica un-log-jammed the bridge, which the beavers had taken over, we assume to build their lodge:

While I do feel sorry for them and do not want to create downtrodden, homeless beavers, we do not want the backed-up creek flooding our (that sounds so cool!) new property. We compromised and loosened up the logs jam but left the bulk of their underwater home intact. 
Next we worked on building wire cages to place around the base of the baby trees (mostly oak, which must be very tasty for beavers, since more than half of the trees have recently been buzz sawed by the buck-toothed bandits!)

Besides building our hopefully beaver-proof tree cages, we also sprayed the trees with an animal repellent that will supposedly cause an "instant state of fear" in beavers. It smelled REALLY bad, so I imagine it may actually work. We will know soon enough!

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